9IE 22 – Grill / ½ Smooth + ½ Ribbed

Modular Cooking


  • Perfect 900 line, 1 module, with cabinet
  • Smooth+ribbed surface,
  • Body manufactured of 18/8 Cr-Ni s/s stain finished sheet and inner parts of aluminized steel,
  • Oil collecting channel and discharge in front of the frying surface,
  • Collecting oil on the surface in an easy-to-clean s/s drawer,
  • Upstands at 3 ends in order to prevent fat from splashing around during the frying process,
  • The surface of frying can be controlled with two different control systems,
  • All of the electric control boards and devices are in conformity with international standards,
  • Temperature adjustment between 50-300°C by a multi-step thermostat and with a safety thermostat of 350°C,
  • Main switch for the supply or stop of the power,
  • It is manufactured with a cabinet as standard. The cabinet is manufactured from stainless steel. Cabinet doors are with plastic holders,
  • For multi-purpose use, on a cupboard (with or without doors) or on a cantilever for island-type installations,
  • Adjustable feet of stainless steel pipe, the carrier sheet is a 2 mm aluminized sheet.


  • Total Power 12 kW
  • Electric Inlet 380-400 V
  • Cooking Area 794×659.5 mm
  • Cablo Cut 5×4 mm²
  • Palett+Box
  • Measures
  • 822x937x1006 W